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Families play a vital role in keeping our programs at The Harrisville Children’s Center running smoothly. We rely on family support in a number of ways, including but not limited to, assisting with facility upkeep and fundraising events. All that the parents and guardians do help us provide quality programs for the children.  We take our role seriously and need our families’ involvement for the success of the center.

We require each family to make either a Time Contribution or a Monetary Contribution when they choose to register their child at The Harrisville Children’s Center. Our preference is that each family will contribute a minimum amount of time each year to assist with building and grounds upkeep, repairs, and fundraising. This work can be done weekends and evenings, either at the center or at their own home.  However, realizing that some families’ schedules do not allow any additional time for these work requirements, we offer a Monetary Contribution option. We can use this money to hire help as needed. Families are asked to choose between a Fall or Spring Work Day when the focus is on the upkeep of our building and grounds.  Work Days last 3 hours and child care is available. Families may also choose to do a project at home.

Families are also asked to choose one fundraising event to assist with each year. Some of our fundraisers include a Wreath Sale, On-Line Auction, and Lobster Dinner Raffle. Fundraising work requires about 5 hours per family per year, although a family may choose to put in more time if they wish.


Both my boys entered H.C.C. as beautiful babies and left as happy healthy kids.  I can't think of a better place for them to have grown.”
~ J. Weisberg

Our daughter thrived at HCC! She developed her "love of learning" from supportive, experienced teachers.”
~ Kipka family

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