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Throughout the year there are daytime and evening events to celebrate the seasons with singing and storytelling, shared meals and laughter.  Joining with both their parents and teachers our children feel a sense of connection and new possibilities for making the world a better plate.

Some of the Harrisville Children’s Center yearly celebrations:

Lantern Walk

Each November we take to the streets of Harrisville carrying handmade lanterns to brighten our way.  We greet the long winter nights and say good-bye to the warm summer days.             

Annual Solstice Sing

This is the time when we celebrate the longest night of the year and welcome the lengthening of the days to follow.  Local musicians join us with songs to celebrate the holidays that are upon us.

St. Nicholas Day

For many Europeans, St. Nicholas Day is very special.  Those children who hope that St. Nicholas will visit place a clean shoe on the doorstep or on the fireside stuffed with hay and a carrot for his white horse.  Among the gifts he leaves in return will always be some nuts, apples, spicy biscuits or honey cake, and perhaps a new coin or chocolate sovereign.  St. Nicholas Day opens the season of gift giving. Our children are invited to leave a shoe or slipper at the center in hope that St. Nicholas will it up with treats.

Asian Lunar New Year

The children take part in a very colorful and loud parade, wearing a large dragon puppet that they helped to make.  A lunch of Asian foods made by the children and teachers follows the parade.

May Day

The children deliver May baskets of fresh Spring flowers to our village neighbors.  After placing the basket on the doorknob, they run off so as not to be seen and to ensure it’s a surprise to the recipients.

Closing Day Ceremony

This is the time when we honor the children leaving for kindergarten as well as a time to come together for a shared meal before both teachers and children take time off for summer vacations.


Both my boys entered H.C.C. as beautiful babies and left as happy healthy kids.  I can't think of a better place for them to have grown.”
~ J. Weisberg

Our daughter thrived at HCC! She developed her "love of learning" from supportive, experienced teachers.”
~ Kipka family

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